If you feel nervous about undertaking dental treatment then you may find that sedation is the answer. The practice is able to provide several forms of sedation techniques for anxious patients.


One form is called Intravenous Sedation; a sedative drug is given to you through a thin plastic tube or cannula which is normally placed into a vein on the back of your hand. You will remain conscious throughout the treatment and can respond to commands. Some patients feel they have been asleep, this is due to the drug causing them to forget the period during treatment, and a short time after. If you opt for this you must arrive with a responsible adult, who must remain with you the rest of the day. You must not return to work that day.


Another form is Inhalation Sedation; nitrous oxide is inhaled through the nose helping you to relax. This technique is generally more suited to children, although some adults may benefit. You will not need an escort and recovery is almost immediate.


If you feel you may benefit from sedation, speak with your dentist.

1a Dentist Sedation Mentoring and Supervised Clinical Experience Programme


Mentoring for intravenous sedation and inhalation sedation is now essential for all new starters and inexperienced dentists, dental nurses and DCPs. The current IACSD guidelines (updated 2020) state that all dental practitioners and dental nurses new to conscious sedation need to be mentored by an IACSD approved assessor after first completing an IACSD accredited course.


At 1a dentist we offer dentists and DCPs the opportunity to shadow and work alongside our experienced team of sedation mentors approved by the IACSD via the Royal College of Surgeons.

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