Treatment Information

We appreciate that many people dread a visit to the dentists, and many are fearful and anxious. Don’t suffer in silence if you are one of these people, let us know. We will ensure your appointment is at a time convenient to you. The first appointment of the day or an evening appointment can be arranged. This may be of use, especially if you wish to bring a friend or relative along with you.


For many, there is a feeling of lack of control when sitting in the dentist’s chair. To help prevent this, during treatment please raise your arm or signal in some other way that you wish your dentist to pause for a moment. The majority of dental procedures should now be relatively pain-free. We have available surface anaesthetics which are in the form of a cream that is applied to the gum before injection. This freezes the gum making the injection pain free. Injection of the slightly warmed solution is less painful than if it was cold. Also, slow administration of the anaesthetic makes it easier to tolerate.


Advances in dentistry have made the likelihood of extraction of teeth low. Even badly broken down teeth can be restored. If you are keen to keep your natural teeth we will always inform you of the options available. If you find coming to the dentist difficult to manage, you may benefit from having your treatment carried out under sedation. An injection in the back of your hand will make you feel relaxed and will allow the dentist to treat you. Alternatively, we may give you “happy air” to make you feel more relaxed.

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